Business Development Executive and Director

As the Business Development Executive and Director within the management committee at IMPOWER, André du Toit is responsible for multi-facets of the business and has a proven executive management track record with over 30 years of experience spanning across industries such as; broadcasting, banking, collections, and utility management. 

His vast knowledge in the utility sector plays a considerable role in his current position at IMPOWER and has recently completed a course through the University of Cape Town in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. As a certified energy auditor and member of the Sustainability Committee for the SAPOA (South African Property Owners Association), this strengthens his passion for sustainability, renewable energy management, and metering.

Andre too, serves on the board of directors of Utility Management for Africa UMFA as their Chief Executive Officer. Responsibilities include operational efficiencies and effectiveness between clients, branches and head office, overseeing marketing, sales, strategy development, and client relationship management.

His expertise in leadership assists in developing and enabling the full potential in others through coaching and mentorship, and we at IMPOWER are inspired to have this influential leader within the team.

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