Breaking Boundaries in Service Delivery

IMPOWER and Econo Foods have been in a strategic partnership since 2019. The collaboration was founded on a mutual vision to not only embrace sustainability to positively impact the environment, but to add value to surrounding businesses and communities alike by empathising with their needs and tailoring solutions that are commercially, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Further, the duo has proactively incorporated the communities wherein they jointly operate to enable long-term sustainable value transfer.

Multiple Econo Food stores are sited in remote, outlying areas, with energy access to such rural regions remaining a major challenge. In view of this, and in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, Econo Foods are committed to instating sustainable methodologies across their business operations, with one way being via improving their energy efficiency practices. As such, they have commissioned IMPOWER to enable them to achieve their sustainability objectives. By implementing rooftop solar technologies, IMPOWER has allowed Econo Foods to significantly reduce their energy bills, thereby enabling the company to provide fresh food at a lower cost to clients with less impact on the environment.

Solar cold storage
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