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IMPOWER assists energy consumers throughout the lifecycle of their Solar Power Plant. The process starts with a feasibility study to determine whether your property is technically and financially appropriate for installing a solar system. Upon acceptance of the study, IMPOWER designs a Solar PV system sound for the property, where a completed system is fitted and installed. Finally, the completed solar PV system is placed into an operations and maintenance contract (if the client agrees), where IMPOWER monitors the plant’s performance to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Our Services

For Commercial & Industrial Power Consumers​

Project Development & Financing

Project Development & Financing​

As a business made up of industry experts, we are constantly developing solutions while finding the most suitable funding vehicles. We have a deep understanding of the project development and energy project funding space and have developed approximately 25MW of projects to date.

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Project Management

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Project Management (EPCM)

IMPOWER has an in-house end-to-end capability to build a customized solar-powered plant. Our team are seasoned experts with experience in successfully handling Solar projects involving every type of scenario. After delivering the functional solar system to you, our team continue to perform regular checks and continuous maintenance to ensure your solar system works at optimum efficiency.

Solar Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Solar Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

We have a dedicated Operations & Maintenance team for all our projects that manage our clients’ solar assets. In addition, our qualified team monitors and services the solar assets, resulting in optimal power generation and maximum plant uptime.

What We Offer

Have a project in mind?

In-house end-to-end services for a customized solar powered plant, assisting our clients at every step.

This includes:

  • Site Audit
  • Evaluation
  • Engineering & Design
  • Global Procurement
  • Installation
  • Commissioning, and finally
  • Operations & Maintenance of Solar Plants built to perform at optimum efficiency levels throughout their project life.

Highly Qualified Team

Investing in a Solar PV Power Project with us ensures a hassle free growth for your investment over the next 25 years.

Strong Execution Capability

Strong Execution Capability

Our team consists of seasoned experts with experience in successfully handling projects involving every type of roof.


Priority on Safety

We ensure the safety of our workforce while adhering to the highest level of Health, Safety, and Environment requirements.


Focus on O&M

Dedicated in-house team monitoring
and servicing the Solar assets 24/7 leading to optimal power generation
and maximum plant uptime.


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"I strongly recommend IMPOWER to any company who wants world class level services within the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy space."
A. Essop - Director
New Age Property Developments


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