Saving the Planet, in Our Own Way

Our Solar Solutions For Commercial & Industrial Power Consumers​

Roof Top

Solar panels mounted over a rooftop is a great way to utilize the vacant roof space and achieve greater returns on the generation of Solar Energy. Whether it is a Klip-Lok, IBR, tile or any other kind of roof, IMPOWER can design a customized solution suitable for your needs.

Ground Mounted

IMPOWER helps with the complete turnkey execution for on-site ground-mounted installations, starting with Design & Installation right through to Operations & Maintenance for these types of solar plants. Thus, assisting you throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Car Park

If your premises have a dedicated parking space, a solar car park solution is an efficient way to utilize the space to install solar panels. It serves the purpose of offering shade to the vehicles and/or material beneath while harnessing Solar energy.

Greenfield Solar Project Development ​

Solar plants developed from the ground-up with open access is an excellent option for industries to procure power at a lesser tariff than their existing Utility tariff. IMPOWER uses the private energy market to develop and build solar energy projects and wheel them via the existing grid to commercial & industrial off-takers.

Micro-Grid/Storage Solutions

These solutions are designed to function seamlessly with various energy generation sources (solar, battery/storage, grid, diesel generator). As a result, they can provide cheaper energy, save on diesel costs and provide backup power in the event of a grid failure/black-out.

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Funding Solutions

CAPEX / Purchase Option

  • Our outright purchase option relies on the funding instrument/s provided by our clients (i.e. loan through the bank, cash reserves etc.). This model allows the purchaser to own 100% of the solar system together with all the savings it generates.
  • Typically, the Pay-Back period ranges between 2-5 years.
  • Section 12B Tax deduction attributable to the purchaser, which increases yield (100% deduction in Year 1)
  • We provide monthly energy savings reporting & management services as a standard offer.
  • A routine Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract can be added. Onsite staff can also be trained should this be a requirement.

1. Discounted Tariff Funded Solution

With this solution, we provide our clients with a discount on their properties bulk tariff rate, providing cheaper energy rates at zero cost over a 20-year term. The cost of the solar energy is based on fixed percentage increases which are modelled to be lower than that of Eskom’s tariff increases. In addition to this, we maintain, insure and operate the system over the full term, thus de-risking the solution.

2. Roof Rental Funded Solution

With this option, we replace electricity savings with a monthly roof rental fee based on the roof occupancy metrics of the solar panels. In addition, these rental agreements are based on a 20-year term, of which we will maintain, insure and operate the system over the term, thus de-risking the solution for our clients.